What is the Personal Development Program?

As you might know, 2020-2021 school year will be the last for School On The Boat as we are phasing out step by step.

In order to prepare the families, their teenagers and children to be more independent at the end of the school year, School On The Boat has designed a 10 months program: Personal Development Program. The objective: to support the families with useful tools to become more independent for a brighter future.


The program hold 3 modules:

  • We support the parents: In order for them to gain autonomy and more independence, we encourage them to be more involved in their children’s’ education and also offer them literacy workshops.

  • We support the teenagers: by organizing workshops and activities to guide them in their professional orientation, to build their own identity and encourage them to learn new skills. There are different themes for the workshops: “how to manage your emotions”, “how to draft a CV/resume”, “team building workshop” for instance.

  • We also support the children: We organize 3 types of activities every month (manual, cultural and sports). The target is for them to increase their experience, skills in different fields and build their confidence level. They are able to learn about themselves and be exposed to new experiences in order to have stronger bases for the future.