Sotb, the end of the road

After 10 years of existence, School on the Boat is preparing to complete its mission and restore the autonomy of the families that the organisation is supporting. In this article, you will learn more about why, how and when School on the Boat will shut its program, good reading. A GRADUAL PHASE OUT In 9 years of support, the situation of the families improved drastically. We are now working with them to prepare their autonomy and let them stand on their own two feet starting from June 2021. It’s good news! WHY ? When we started School on the Boat in 2011, the objective was that every child in the community could access public school and receive adapted support, and that every teenager who had never or little been to school could access trainings. During the past 9 years, we worked hand in hand with the families to help them create an environment that is beneficial for their children. Today, we notice tremendous progress in their daily life and their capacity to prepare the future for their children. It's also because we want to encourage their independence from NGOs that we are stopping our activities.


Most of the families will soon be able to provide proper education and fair living conditions to their children without the support of School on the Boat, if the transition is prepared correctly. In the past few months we evaluated and analysed the situation of each household, each child and teenager to provide them with a personalized program and guide them towards their autonomy. WHEN ? The phase out was voted during an extraordinary general assembly in August 2020 and will be effective in June 2021. However we have been preparing a plan for the phase out since January 2020, for example by conducting investigations in the community.The 2020-2021 school year will be centered around the autonomisation of the families. This period of time is sufficiently long for us to give the tools to the children and teenagers to succeed in their schooling or find their way towards the professional world.



School on the Boat was created by volunteers who had worked with children living on the Red River, in Hanoi. The children were not able to go to public school because they didn't have any identification papers, and their parents were not able to afford the school fees.

The volunteers obtained their birth certificates and enrolled them in school thanks to donations from individuals. SotB's activity got then more complete, and the support for the children now includes tutoring classes, cultural and physical activities, a follow up of the families, a support for health costs, health assistance and a space dedicated to children, the office located in Phuc Xa. A BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY All the work that has been done by the association is the result of a collaboration of committed people, determined volunteers, and the support of a community that has continued to grow since 2011. The end of the existence of the NGO is executed with some emotion, but the efforts that you all have provided in recent years will endure with these children and their families who have benefited from our help. A big thank you therefore, to all those who from near or far distance have enabled School on the Boat to carry out its mission to its end.