Retrospective of the year 2019 - 2020!

A successful school year despite the sanitary crisis

This year, thanks to our sponsorship program, 26 children were able to go to public schools in Hanoi. The children are in 5 different schools (Phúc xá, Phúc Tân, Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Hà Nội, Nghĩa Dũng and Tân Ấp).

Every evening after school, the children join the tutoring program with tutors who help them in the following subjects: math, English, Vietnamese and chemistry. We offer at least 2 tutoring sessions per child and per week.

This year, we have set up a “pre-tutoring” program before and after the tutoring sessions where we propose educational games to children on specific topics such as: nature, art, decoration and history! The “pre-tutoring” is led by a volunteer present at the office 3 times a week.

This school year was very special for the children of the program and our team because it was disturbed by the sanitary crisis of Covid-19. After returning from the Têt holidays at the end of January 2020, the children had a few days of school and then 3 months off due to school closure nationwide.

During these 3 months, we were unable to welcome the children but continued our mission by bringing them books with games, exercises, colouring pages and even stories!

During this period, we have also been greatly supported by the French Embassy and organizations such as local charity groups in Hanoi, who have donated us masks for the families and food. Since May 11th, with the reopening of public schools, we have been able to fully resume our mission. We could welcome the children and their tutors again for the tutoring program, and we are able to resume our monthly activities.

This year's big projects

MOT HAI BA: 3rd edition!

Theme of this edition was “Wonderland”! The third edition was a great success with more than 400 people attending the event. The festival allowed us to raise $1,500 and to finance part of our monthly activities and of our fixed costs until February 2020.

  • 40 artists

TuấnSS & MnEd!, Stanford Reid, Me2 Band, Kenjah David, Loopernatural, DAN and the VICES, Manuel Orkestar, Kinari, The Gratoners, Hanoi de Ska y?, The Rotten Grapes Comedy, ILC - Independent Legion Crew, Bùi Quang Đại, Odile, Candy Keovilay, Lili, 1984 Tattoo Studio, Dung Tran Quoc, Nicki Blackbeard.

  • 30 volunteers inclunding 20 students from «High School of Education Sciences - Trường THPT Khoa học Giáo dục» from "CIC - Creative Idea Club”.

  • 700 new followers on the "Mot Hai Ba" Facebook page.

Crowdfunding campaign: $3500 in 7 days!

During the Covid-19 crisis, we decided to organize a call for donations to our community, in order to receive support during this difficult time. Thanks to the help of our partners and the generosity of our community, we have raised $3,500 in 7 days!

During our campaign, we realized and published some videos to present our organization:

Office presentation in Phuc Xa

Family visit on the Banana Island in Hanoi

Monthly activities that marked this year!

Key figures!

  • $3200 - UNIS donations, raised thanks to the CHARITY RUN ($1800) and covid support ($1500).

  • 50 volunteers during monthly activities, festival...

  • $810 raised thanks to the French School during the Christmas Market on December 2019.

  • 2 fairs - To present our organization: BIS fair on November 2019 and HIWC charity fair on December 2019.

  • $1500 raised during the Mot Hai Ba Festival #3 on October 2019.

  • $3500 raised during the our crowdfunding campaign on April 2020.

  • + 600 new followers on our "School on the Boat" Facebook page in 1 year.

  • 3120 kg of rice distributed in one year with our parnter "Coup de Pouce".

A big thanks to the organizations who supported us!

Finally, a big thanks to the volunteers, tutors and field team!

Our volunteers have supported the organization for years and it is very important for us to form a united team to carry out our mission. In July, we welcomed 5 new members to our association.

First, Thanh Thuy, our social worker who is in charge of monitoring the children in the program and their families. It provides the link between SOTB members, families, children and the various Vietnamese institutions (schools, partners, etc.).

Then, we welcomed two new international coordinators in “Service Civique” (French volunteer program) whose work plays a crucial role in the operational life of the organization.

Amélie Tortay: project manager in charge of the daily life of SOTB.

Lucie Ferro: communication and events manager.

Next, we welcomed two new local coordinators!

Nguyen Huong Linh is in charge of the tutoring program.

Nguyen Hai Phong supports Thuy’s social work but also works daily on various missions (communication, program development, etc.)

From left to right: Phong, Amélie, Thuy, Lucie et Linh.

Finally, we voted for the renewal of the new School on the Boat board, and the following members were elected:

President and co-president: Perrine Corgie & Roxanne Gheno.

Secretary and co-secretary: Maddalena Cascio & Aurélie Boess.

Treasurer and co-treasurer: Anais De Wulf & Margaux Bruineaud.

From left to right: Anaïs, Perrine et Maddalena.

A big thanks to our amazing 17 tutors:

Vu Ngoc Khanh Linh, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung, Nguyen Bui Khanh Linh, Tran Thu Trang, Tran Thi Huong Thom, Nguyen Ngoc Trang, Tran Minh Trang, Dao Thi Ha Lan, Tran Mai Linh, Dao Phan Thao Linh, Dinh Thao Vy, Tran Thuy Lien, Dang Ngoc Ha, Dang Hue Phuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Hoang Nhat Minh, Phuong Thuy Trang, Nguyen Bui Khanh Linh, Nguyen Ngoc Trang, Dao Thi Ha, Quynh Thu, Hieu Tran, Nguyen Lieu, Thach Nguyen.

A big thanks to the volunteers who supported us this year: Justine Court, Virgine Périssé, Valentin Orange, Manu Pirenne, David Luu…

The school year is close to finishing and the entire School on the Boat team wish you a great summer holiday!!

We are going to close the office for a well deserved summer break from Monday the 20th of July to Monday the 3rd of August.


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