Virginie: specialized volunteer for School on the Boat!

Virginie is 26 years old and has been living in Vietnam for a few months. After her Developmental Psychology studies for 4 years in France, she wished to work and support an NGO in Hanoi.

We asked her a few questions to know more about her and her position in School on the Boat.

What are your hobbies?

I think my favourite activities are cooking and baking, but mostly baking. These activities allow me to be less stressed and also to have new challenge by trying to do more difficult than the last.

What is your position at SOTB?

At SOTB, I am a volunteer in charge of all the psychology part. For example, I recently created a children's interview and a teenager's orientation test with the help of my colleagues. Also, I contributed and participated in our events to know more about the children and also about the organization and the team.

Why did you choose to work for SOTB?

I chose to work at SOTB because I want to contribute to the realisation of its missions/aims, which are dear to my heart. Indeed, I want to feel useful (this is for me a real leitmotiv). Helping people has a real impact on my own well being.

Why is it important to work for an organisation who are helping kids?

I adore the children. It's really important for me to work with them because they are innocent beings and also are the future of the country, our future. That's why, according to me, we have to take care of each of them when they are in difficulties.


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