Monthly activity: treasure hunt at the Botanical Garden!

June 2, 2020

For the monthly activity of May 2020, we brought the children to the botanical garden of Hanoi in Ba Dinh. Because of the really hot weather in Hanoi, we did the activity during the morning. 


We met the children and volunteers at the office at 8am and we took taxis to the Botanical Garden. 

We organized a treasure hunt in which the children were divided into 4 teams with a tutor as head of the team. The goal was to find the answers to the questions the tutors asked. If the children found the location the answers gave, they would receive a picture of a treasure. The first team to bring all the pictures of the treasures wins.


The game was really fun as well as very animated and the children were quick to find the answers.

During this time, members of the team prepared the picnic made of bread, slices of pork and cucumber. The children then enjoyed the snacks prepared and rested for a few minutes.


After that, the children went to the playground to play. They spend an hour on the slide, the sportive equipment and the sandbox. 


We were really happy to organize an activity for kids after these difficult times. We are definitely able to return to our mission! 










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