We are looking for our new President!

We are looking for School on The Boat’s new President. An invested individual who is willing to dedicate his time to have a positive impact on the community and would like to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Hanoi.

The President will be in charge of a variety of tasks necessary to run the NGO, including coordination, team’s management, and representing the NGO.

School on the Boat's President is a volunteer position of 12h a week.

End of applications: Sunday the 22th of March.


  • Be the legal representative of SOTB with the local authorities, partners, sponsors, at events and in the everyday life of SOTB project.

  • Convenes the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Bureau, leads the meetings, signs the invitations and the convocations.

  • Be the guarantor of the mission and vision of the NGO.

  • Set long term objectives and plan steps to ensure they will be achieved.

  • Participate in the promotion of the NGO.

  • Create, improve and maintain the relationships with different partners.

  • Attend the events/meetings/conferences with the partners as much as possible.

  • Establish long-lasting relationships with local and international NGOs working in the same geographical area and same field as School on the Boat.


  • Have an intense follow-up on all the matters of the NGO: general projects, partnerships, day to day tasks, organization of events.

  • Set deadlines for implemented projects and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken.

  • Have weekly meetings with the team of coordinators.

  • Communicate with the board and active members.

  • Keep them aware of the welfare of the NGO with a monthly report.

  • Coordinate the work of the social worker, international coordinators and local coordinators.

  • Keep track of the progress, make sure that everyone stays up to date with a “Review meeting” once a month.

  • Support to the communication manager: set collective goals and help with strategy, timetable and directives for the organization of events.

  • Support to the project manager: set a collective strategy, timetable and directives on partnerships and projects.

  • Support to the local coordinators: set collective goals and help develop strategies and timetables for the maintenance of the tutoring and personal development program.

  • Actively take part in the recruitment, integration, training and follow-up of the international coordinators.

  • Write job description.

  • Participate in the screening of CV and interviews.

  • Make sure to follow an extensive handover between international coordinators.

  • Oversee the progress of new international coordinators with weekly objectives and detailed contact information.


  • Previous experience in management.

  • Minimum 2-year commitment.

  • Part-time or full-time involvement accepted, to be discussed during the interview.

  • Good sense of responsibility and organizational skills.

  • Ability for multidisciplinary work, leadership, open-mindness and initiative.

  • Professional work taken with seriousness and enthusiasm.

  • Good communication skills, diplomatic and interpersonal skills.

  • Capacity to work in an international environment.

  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing).


  • Being part of an international NGO and contribute to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in Hanoi.

  • Develop projects that contribute to the environment and life of children in difficult circumstances.

  • Work in a multicultural environment.

If you are interested by the President position, you can send a resume and cover letter to the following address:


Cc: treasurer@schoolontheboat.fr


109 Nghĩa Dũng - Phúc Xá- Quận Ba Đình





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