SOTB's Tet Trung Thu!

In September, we realized our monthly activity on the theme of Vietnam ... We celebrated with children, the "Tet Trung Thu" also called Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. In the respect of the Vietnamese tradition, we were gathered in our office and concocted a festive program for and with our children! This September 12th, we were able to do most of our activities in the garden on the top floor of our office thanks to the good weather! We were so happy because the children and us love this place!

What is Tet Trung Thu?

Vietnamese celebrate the moon on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month when the moon is the most beautiful, round and luminous. This date falls around mid-September in the Gregorian calendar. This is the second most important traditional festival after the lunar new year. Tet Trung Thu is an opportunity to get together as a family and to give gifts to children. It was therefore very important for us to celebrate this national event with our children!

Decoration, games, shows, traditional cakes and songs...

Our social worker, Thuy, has worked hard to ensure that our children can have a great Tet Trung Thu. We have also done all kinds of activities to integrate children into the Mid-Autumn Festival preparation.

To begin with the decoration! Several weeks before Tet Trung Thu, we organized painting, cutting and construction workshops to decorate our offices.

Then during the evening, Thuy and our children animated our festivities ...

With the program:

• the story of the legend of Tet Trung Thu narrated by Thuy and a child

• a quiz on the theme of the Moon Festival

• and two small children's singing and dancing shows

All were very involved ... for our greatest pleasure!

At the end of the events on the roof, the children were able to enjoy their surprise: a Vietnamese dancers show doing the "Lion Dance"! Very famous in Vietnam, this dance is a traditional custom during holidays like Tet Trung Thu. We would like to thank the group of dancers "Đoàn Nghệ Thuật Lân Sư Rồng Phúc Minh Đường" for their performance!

And finally, we closed our festivities with a typical Mid-Autumn Festival meal: "Moon Cake", fruits, tea and fresh lemonade!

This activity was a success, our children really appreciated this moment and we are very proud to have built this Tet Trung Thu with them!

Our Tet Trung Thu in pictures



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