Riverside Christmas : some magic before 2018 ends

To celebrate this year's ending, and to share a pleasant moment with those who support us and those who wish to discover us, School on the Boat and Xóm Bắc Cầu Cultural Center joined forces and create Riverside Christmas.

Riverside Christmas is a Christmas event made with love and open to all (entrance is free), which takes place in a beautiful setting: the Bắc Cầu peninsula in Hanoi.

Sunday 16 December was dedicated to the spirit of Christmas and good mood! The children had the time of their life, enjoying the many playgrounds on the site, or the various activities available to them. They were able to tinker and decorate their own Christmas decorations, indulge in embroidery, be painted by our team of specialists, or simply have a good time around a board game.

Parents and children also test their manual skills at a bamboo or pottery workshop in the middle of the afternoon.

On the courtyard side, the Christmas market allowed parents to breathe a bit and offered a wide range of artisan products. The small art exhibition was also a haven of tranquility for them !

From 5:00 pm, the artists have played until 10:00 pm and have really given everything! Their indisputable musical talent combined with handmade mulled wine and craft beer for sale in the rich restoration corner have concluded this beautiful day in style!

This day was a pleasure to organize and implement, and for this we thank the Xóm Bắc Cầu Cultural Space, our dear volunteers, our partners, the shops of the Christmas market, the musicians (Stella, Tom Adams, Lac Wine , La Belle et la Bête, The Transplanted) and of course our visitors!

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109 Nghĩa Dũng - Phúc Xá- Quận Ba Đình





10H00 - 19H00


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