Don't worry, bee happy!

Last Sunday, October 14th, we took the children to a small haven of peace, southeast of Hanoi. It was after meeting Franck that we had this idea. Franck is the founder of Happy Bee, an association that has set up, within an organic farm, a few hives intended to accommodate swarms of bees. Futhermore, Happy Bee is an association that allows young people (but not only) to overcome the fear of these small insects, and discover their role in the ecosystem.

We chose to bring the kids to this farm in the afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown! It was in this pleasant environment that they were able to participate in various activities planned by Happy Bee. First, a quiz discussion to test their knowledge and ideas about bees. Several games were intended to make them aware of the peculiarities of these insects, especially their way of working. Thus, with the help of spoons pinched between the lips, the children had to pass a small ball without dropping it ... Exercise perilous!

Then they sat around a coloring workshop, giving birth to more or less futuristic bees! Later, separated into small groups, they were able to go to the assault of the thickets, the hunt for insects: the objective was to bring as many photos as possible! Finally, after this afternoon full of activities, the children participated in a quieter time, around the making of a homemade mint tea, sweetened by honey, of course!

We wanted to thank Franck and his team, who took care of the program of the day, making children left very happy!



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