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Happy Moon Festival !

September 26, 2018


On Monday, September 24, the Vietnamese celebrated Tet Trung Thu, or the "Mid-Autumn Festival". This festival, celebrated in several Asian countries, happens every year during the 15th night of the lunar calendar. That's when the full moon is the most beautiful, the most round and bright of the year! Symbol of the family union, the moon also gives its name to cakes tasted on this occasion.

Tet Trung Thu, a very important event in the Chinese calendar, is also and above all a big party for children. The latter receive on this occasion gifts, fruits, cakes and other treats.

It was therefore natural for School on the Boat to celebrate that evening with the children! Thus, with the help of our precious tutors and local coordinators, we organized on the Sunday an afternoon and evening that were totally dedicated to them: games, quizzes, fruits and cakes ... Every child was also able to leave with one or more small gifts ... We wished we also were 8 again !





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