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Once again, one generation of International Coordinators is taking over on another on School on the Boat teams. Theo and Aurélien are leaving after 12 months of passionate work to support our NGO. We warmly thank them for all of what they brought over the course of this year. It is the time of goodbyes, and precious memories that will be cherished ... but also new encounters, and new friendships ! So here are Theo (yes, again) and Quentin, the two new International Coordinators :

Name : Théo Age : 25 years old Studies : Political Sciences My role: the management of the association, its daily life, and its operation: from drawing workshops with children to setting up projects! About me : I had a classic career; intense work that did not satisfy me, questioning, resignation, and departure to find a little sense in my action. I am very happy to have found School on the Boat, its team, and to be in Vietnam!

Here is a Chinese portrait that will introduce me better than long speeches: If you were an animal ? A dwarf rabbit. If you were a song? Là bas, Jean Jacques Goldman. Yes. If you were a fictional character? The guy who runs the elevator in Titanic. By the way, magnificent performance from actor Sean Nepita! If you were an object? A coffee machine. It seems that my energy is annoying in the morning. If you were a garment? A tatane (kind of flip flop). Timeless, essential. If you were a noise? The echo of a city at dawn. Poetic, huh? If you were a cartoon? Peter Pan.

Name : Quentin

Age : 24 years old Studies : Marketing and Communication Masters degree at Clermont-Ferrand's IAE After a few months of traveling at the end of my studies, I decided to devote my communication skills to a cause that makes sense. The action and size of School on the Boat made me want to join its team, and help the children of the program in their schooling process. In addition, observing directly the impact of my work in the life of the NGO is something that I find gratifying. My role in the association will be mainly to manage the global communication of School on the Boat, and to participate in the organization of various events (as for example the Mot Hai Ba festival 3rd edition or the Island Run). Here is a Chinese portrait of the most useful to better understand my personality: If you were an animal: a spider, to feed me mosquitoes (those filthy creatures). If you were a song: Shine On You Diamond Crazy, Pink Floyd, just to flatter my ego. If you were a fictional character: Eric Cartman, no pressure. If you were an object: a rubik's cube, colorful, sometimes fun or annoying. If you were a garment: a big yellow raincoat ! If you were a noise: the "cling" of the microwave we are impatiently waiting for. If you were a cartoon: the Simpsons!



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