Mot Hai Ba Festival ! Return 2 Neverland !

Mot Hai Ba Festival Edition #2

Saturday 5th of May 2018, School on the Boat organise its biggest event: The Mot Hai Ba Festival. This year, for its second edition, it was time to “Return 2 Neverland” for a day with School on the Boat, from 12 pm to 11.30 pm. The restaurant Chez Xuan welcomed this big event, a perfect spot with space and cosy atmosphere.

This Multicultural and charity event is a special day for all the team, the children and the public of Hanoi. Many happenings and activities to entertain and share good times. To organise a bit the venue, we split the restaurant in different area, referring to the Peter Pan’s Fairy tale:

  • The mermaid Lagoon

  • The Indian Camp

  • The Pirate Bay

  • The Lost Boys

Discover the day program, which is composed by two very different acts:

Afternoon: 12 pm to 6pm

The Mot Hai Ba Afternoon is a moment full of activities for everyone. Many stalls were present in each area to entertain the public, receive donation and highlight School on the boat mission. Let’s take a look at the different stalls, activities and their areas:

  • The Mermaid Lagoon:

  • Face Painting with Hillary

  • Yoga Sessions, with Moon Yoga Hanoi

  • Henna Tattoo with Riin Perri

  • Live Painting with Emile Rousseau, Tam and Sam Mudrok

  • Lost Boys:

  • School on the Boat stall

  • Photobooth

  • Peter Pan Craft

  • Building Craft with Dung

  • Pirate Bay

  • Afternoon stage with 3 bands:

  • The Veranda

  • The Ukulear Bomb

  • The Bearded Holmes

  • Captain Hook Corner (bar and restaurant)

  • Body Painting with Emile Rousseau

  • Indian Camp

  • Miraculous Catch

  • Coconut shy

  • Indian Tipi

  • Marcus Lacey Photo exhibition

  • LP4Y Stall

  • SOTB Mom’s

  • Evening stage

Public enjoyed the afternoon with all of these activities. This first part of the event was the most casual and relaxed. The public was mainly composed by families with their kids, and friends who wanted to enjoy a nice afternoon.

Evening: 6pm to 11.30pm

At 6pm, we closed all the afternoon’s stalls and activities, to leave all the spotlight to the evening concerts. To make this night unforgettable, 5 others bands came: A big variety of acts, with style and band members from around the world!

  • The Volunteers

  • Fred Copeman and Steven

  • The La Belle et la Bête’s

  • Loopernatural

  • Kinari

  • Hanoi de Ska y ?

This last part of the event was amazing! The audience was way different than the afternoon, totally on fire. It really was a blast. The shows were literally incredible! The last act definitely closed the Mot Hai Ba Festival until next year for the third edition!

To conclude, this event was a huge success for School on the Boat. A good affluence, with around 300 people along the day. A very good mood, people were all following the spirit, having fun and share good vibes together. Very good feedback by the public who loved the concerts, we have to say that they did something amazing this night. A very good result, we raised more than 42 million Vietnamese dong (+/- 1850 $).

Many thanks to all the participant of the day, public, bands, artists, contributors, partners, volunteers, chez Xuan.

Nothing would be possible without them!

See you for Mot Hai Ba Festival edition #3!

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