Christmas Talent Show

On Saturday 9th of December 2017, School on the Boat organized a new charity event: The Christmas Talent Show at Hanoi Rock City.

Such an amazing day with so many happenings and activities!

From 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., School on the Boat Team works all together to make this day unforgettable for the public and the many volunteers who came to help us.

Let’s take a look at the program of the day.

During the afternoon, from 2 p.m., HRC was full of different stalls and workshops:

  • Christmas Handicraft: a workshop for kids to paint and decorate Christmas items

  • Pho Cuon: A traditional Vietnamese food workshop. The public could learn with our dear Thuy how to prepare these delicious spring rolls.

  • School on the Boat Christmas cards and donations: A stalls were people could get information about the NGO and our project. Also they could give the donation that they wish or get a nice Christmas card to offer to their family and friends.

  • Tattoo body painting: The amazing Emile Rousseau offered his time during the entire day to paint and draw beautiful sketches of peoples arms. Was an opportunity for those who enjoy tattoo to have a chat with him.

  • Let’s just Be Mermaid: The super cool Diane came to expose her creation: crowns made of shells and jewelleries.

  • LP4Y: Our friend from this great NGO came to bring delicious Christmas cakes. They prepared it with their program “Bread and Smiles”.

  • Xuon Vegan: Amazing Thuy Van and her team cooked Vegan desserts for everyone.

  • Banh Mi 1960: no worries for those who were hungry, because the great Linh came to cook his delicious Banh Mi!

  • Photobooth: A handmade “Instagram” frame by our dear Théo. A really nice way to get souvenirs from this day by taking pictures with family and friends.

  • 2nd Hand Clothes: an ephemeral shops open all the day, giving people the opportunity to satisfy their shopping urge.

Everything went perfectly, everyone played the game and was enjoying this celebration. Then, at 5 pm the Kids talent show started. We had three contenders and an amazing host of the show: our lovely Hannah (she’s gifted for this job)

  • Trống cơm: a group of 5 kids came to present their super cute choreography

  • Mr Chiiip: Chi Linh’s son came to show his great energy with his song

  • Miss Chi: She came to perform a song with her sweet voice

Those Three performance were really good. It took a lot of courage for these kids to perform in front of an audience. Impossible to decide who was the winner so we decided that they all won the contest.

This small festival kept going on during this end of afternoon when the Adult talent show was about to start.

Three great artist accepted to constitute the jury:

  • Tuan (Vietnamese) from the Beat box crew “THISS HARD CREW”. He finished 3rd of an Asian Beat Box contest

  • Felipe (Chilean) A complete artist, singing, playing guitar and creating his own instrumental

  • Emile Rousseau (French) A talented tattoo artist, growing start of the Hanoian tattoo circle

They came to judge and comment on the eight performances which compose the adult talent show:

  • Lê Tuan: Pole dancer

  • Quan & Noname: urban/hip hop dance

  • Adam Haines: Body Flexibility (Human cereal bowl)

  • Nikki: Singer, guitarist and beat maker

  • Zishan: Magician

  • Alex: Cinemagraph (video/picture skills)

  • Adrian: Bachata dance

  • Diane: Singer, Guitarist

The jury choose their three favourite and then let the public decide who was the winner by cheering up:

  1. Quan & Noname

  2. Lê Tuan

  3. Adam Haines

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank to all the participant. The level was really high!

This Christmas Talent Show was a success and such a good time. All the SOTB team was to thank all the volunteers, contributors, Sponsors, Artists, Jury members and HRC to make this day possible, nothing could be achieved without them.

Cheers and see you next year!

Merry Christmas!

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