A Week end in Cat Ba!

The past week end, from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2017, SOTB team was going to Cat Ba with 15 kids from the program.

After a 4.30 hours trip, between bus and ferry, the group arrived to Cat Ba, in Ha Long bay. There, a trip full of sharing and discovery was waiting for the kids.


The 25 people’s group left at 2 pm with the bus, 10 adults and 15 children. The journey went perfectly and the group reached the Hotel at 6.30 pm. Nothing planned for this day as the group arrived for dinner time.


After a proper rest, everybody has awakened and get ready for the trekking day and visits with our guide from the Hotel. Leaving at 9am to the “Hospital cave”, a cave in the mountain where the Vietnamese military where staying to get health cares, rest and trainings. On the other side of the cave, a magnificent view on the mountains of the island. From there we left to go to the natural park. There, he kids discovered local wild animals: monkeys, crocodiles, wild pigs and much more.

Time is flying, the team’s going back to the hotel to get lunch, using this opportunity to take a nap.

Time has come for the team to go to the monkey island. The first step, a journey on a boat in the heart of Ha Long Bay, with an incredible landscape. The kids are amazed from the upper gangway of the boat. Also, the group is really lucky with the weather which is perfect, offering magnificent colours from the nature. After a thirty minutes trip between bay’s cliffs and mountains, the group reaches the monkey island. The kids are discovering the beach for the first time in their lives. They run into the water without hesitating. A real pleasure to see them having fun and discovering the pleasure of swimming in the sea. This beach is facing a super nice landscape with mountains and sunset. Time flies, so it’s already time to go back to the Hotel.

A complete day with a perfect weather!


Last day of the trip has come. The team enjoys a good weather and the last few hours to go to the beach once again. The kids are happy. Few hours later, it’s time for the group to leave Cat Ba and go Back home.

Such an amazing week end, everybody enjoyed fully the trip and is going home full of souvenirs. All the kids were perfect. A great pleasure to see them happy about the trip! A real success!

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