Introducing some new members of our team

News volunteers arrived in Hanoi!

The past month has been marked by Aurélie and François leaving combined with our arrival on November 24 th (Alice) and December 2 nd (Julien). Our objective: ensure the existing and future project management, the bond between you and the families and good communication. We will have a large and interesting panel of tasks!

We will now briefly introduce ourselves:

Alice, International coordination

“Hi everyone! My name’s Alice, I’m 23 and I arrived in Hanoi almost 3 weeks ago for 9 months within the School on the Boat team. I just arrived but the time flies here and a lot of things are happening and getting prepared at the office! It’s a comeback to South-East Asia for after some months spent in Cambodia last year. I am more than happy to be back in the lifeful and moving Asia and really motivated to work on School on the Boat projects. I just finished my master degree in International relations and Development studies. I was really looking to work for this kind of mission. Not meaning to be cliché, I am sure that this experience will be rewarding at a personal, professional and human level.”

Julien International Coordinator

“Hello everyone! My name’s Julien and I’m 24 and always smiling! I just finished my second year of master degree in Communication studies in Lyon, I really wanted to live a human and professional adventure both enthusiastic and far from what I’m used to. What’s better than get involved within the School on the Boat project for 9 months? A first experience for me in an NGO, from what I’d like to go out culturally rewarded and be able to give my creative touch. That’s for me a great chance to participate to this adventure and I promise a lot of amazing contents on our social networks and, now I can officially announce it, on our future website, all new and beautiful!”



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