50 water drops of solidarity

We still need you !

School on the Boat has been pre-selected to be part of the solidarity hub, Lilo! You can now help us to join the projects already funded by Lilo and finance us without paying anything using this Internet browser for your daily researches.

The procedure is easy: for each Internet research you do, you get one drop. Each drop represents the money you generate thanks to the commercial advertisements (and this represents about 30 euros per year!). Thanks to these drops, you can choose to finance a social and/or environmental project available on the Lilo website. You do not spend money and you can support us only with your Internet researches. Icing on the cake, Lilo does not collect your personal data and take care of your private life on the Internet.

To enable us to reach the final step and be integrated to the list of projects that Lilo finances, we have to collect a minimum of 50 drops per person (if you want, you can even give us more drops, we will surely take them!).

To discover Lilo and help us to be officially selected, it’s easy:

1- - For people using Google Chrome: install the Lilo extension using this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lilo/jkoegdibpkleifbkojmplebjh_lkckn?hl=fr and then let’s go!

- For people using Firefox: install the Lilo extension via this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/_refox/addon/lilo/ - For people using Explorer and Opera: you have to create an account Lilo on http://lilo.org et start doing your research with this browser.

2- - Once you get 50 drops, let’s meet on the project part of the website http://www.lilo.org/fr/school-on-the-boat/?utm_source=school-on-the-boat and support us to reach the final step giving us your drops.

For further information about Lilo: www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3-I2VSHxxg

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