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- Children's View Check-Up

School on the Boat pays close attention to the academic success of children in the program. To be sure that their learning is not disadvantaged by sight problems, the members of the NGO led all the children to a famous optometrist near the home of the beneficiaries. The point of the consultation was to test the sight of the kids by a team of qualified professionals.

We asked the parents to be present at the consultation so that they could hear the diagnosis of caregivers.

Some kids have irritated eyes, because they watch too much television, they are tired or because of a lack of calcium. All in all, nothing alarming! Only two children, Nhi and his brother Quan need glasses. At the end of the consultation, the association immediately bought glasses for the grateful siblings.

School On the Boat informs the readers of this newsletter that the different medical consultations were made possible and will be feasible in the coming months thanks to funds raised by the children of Quality Schools International as part of a charity read-a-thon.

The closing ceremony of the read-a-thon and thus the donation took place during the month of February. An article in our next newsletter will detail the event. The impatient ones will be able to learn the results of the fundraising in the coming days on our Facebook page.

A big thank you to the children, parents, teachers, staff and director Yutzy Maynard of Quality Schools International!

- Payment of Tuition Fees

Thanks to the money given by the sponsors, the association has been able to fulfill the requirements of this new semester regarding the payment of tuition fees. A total of 15,569,000 VND were paid to schools in Phuc Xa, Nghia Dung, Ba Dinh and Phuc Tanh.

The organization paid global tuition of all children covered by the sponsorship program for the next six months. Also, we paid monthly fees for the use of the teaching resources and the additional courses for January.

- Rice and Clothes Distribution

Every month thanks goes to our partner Coup de Pouce, we distributed to the mothers ten kilograms of rice per child in the school. This supply was once again the opportunity to hand out the clothes donation. During the months of December and January, we received many donations: warm baby clothes, men's sportswear, ladies' sandals, shoes for children and adolescents... This newsletter is once again an opportunity to thank everyone who donated.

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